Khazarian Rovas

Khazarian Rovas Khazarian Rovas (Kazár rovás)

Khazarian is thought to be a descendent of the Proto-Rovas script, which was used to the east of the Aral Sea between about the 1st and 6th centuries AD, when the tribes who were using it, including the Avars, Khazars and Ogurs, started to move into the Carpathian Basin. That process took until about 670 AD, after which the Proto-Rovas script became the Carpathian Basin Rovas and the Khazarian Rovas scripts. The Proto-Rovas script was perhaps a descendent of the Aramaic script.
The Khazarian Rovas script was used until the 10th century AD, and possibly until the 13th century. Inscriptions are mainly in Turkic languages, including Ogur, As-Alan and Common Turkic.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet
  • Direction of writing: right to left in horizontal lines
  • Used to write: Ogur, As-Alan and Common Turkic

Khazarian Rovas

Khazarian Rovas

Sample text

Sample text in Khazarian  Rovas
The Achiktash inscription (from first half of the 8th century), language: Common Turkic


'He says: the throne of the holy dominus you write
We ... reading the written stick sent by you we all heard it
Ay! Say it: Sogdian vengeance ... avoid [you], [you] k[now]
You, Khazars. Good (=true, credible). End.'

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